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Jun 18

Note to Dr. Melissa Kine

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I’ve been made aware that you might be on the lookout for a fully charged power cell to keep some filter thingy working. Now if this be true, then I have come into possession of such a cell and would be will to part with it for a price. If‘n Your interested you can come find me and we can work out a deal

Jun 19

Mr Daytona,


It is true that we currently have a “filter thingy”up and running stationed over a monthly rift. Without it being in operation, a deadly green fog would roll over much of eastern Ontario causing lasting illness.


Currently we have a temporary solution in place for the filter, but I am certain these power cells would also have usage in the ERLI (which myself and Colin will reconstruct the sensory equipment if brought forward. We have been apprised that our ally Elena Tuesti and her preliminary device met a tragic end, however some pieces were salvaged).


Either one of the Swiss or a representative from Aegis or Geostatics will be in touch to see how we can turn this business to the common good.




Melissa Kine


Lead Researcher, Stormont Community Hub

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  • (For those who have access to radios, or who listened to the broadcast at game. Crossed fingers and if our scrappers remain alive we should expect more this month) https://www.dropbox.com/s/bkhlvl35v491kww/Intro%20to%20our%20scrappers.mp3?dl=0
  • Hey y’all, my name’s Rus T. Daytona and I’ve got a proposition for ya. Im fixin to start up a medical shock trauma unit to head out and aid our fellow survivors on dangerous missions and such. I know what your thinkin, “but Rusty dont we already do that?” Well yes but the difference would be if we unite we can sell our services and make sure we get A fair cut of profits for focusing our time on saving lives rather than collecting from the fallen. I aint gonna turn any applications away so long as you are a practicing doc/paramedic, what faction you hail from don’t matter to me none. Any applicants can search me out direct or leave me a resumey at my tent thanks for taking the time to read Rus T. Daytona
  • (a neatly typed notice found on the board of the SCH) In honour of CEO appreciation day I will be hosting a putt off all are welcome to join the rules may be found below: entry fee: 1 resource of your choice Rules 1. each time anything touches your ball it counts as a stroke 2. every time you touch an opponents ball you take a 2 stroke penalty though they must play on from where the ball lays (in the event that a participant or non participant takes or hides the ball a new ball will be dropped by a judge at its last known location) 3. you may give up on a hole at any time but suffer a 10 stroke penalty to your score 4. every hole you fail to complete in the given time you will suffer a 10 stroke penalty for 5. no one is permitted to pick up a ball in play 6. Jokes, Taunting, trash talking or otherwise heckling of contestants is encouraged 7. incapacitating your opponent will award you a 5 stroke penalty 8. Killing your opponent will automatically grant you a forfeiture from the competition, placement on Galloway Pharmaceuticals no medical aid list and a shoot on site authorization from from Aegis Corp this is your only warning! 9. total strokes including penalties are added to your score card in the end the person with the lowest score wins 10. there are no practice runs and you are to hand your card to a judge while you putt so that they may score it for you. Prizes: 1st place: pick one of the following: 1. 1x Special Scrap (Magnetic Detector), 1x special scrap Carbon fiber, and 1x Iron Wood prizes to be donated by theCaPrail 2. 3x special Med Tech (Iodine) prize to be donated by Galloway Pharmaceuticals 3. 1x special Ammo (Armour piercing Round), and 6x ammo Aegis Corp Signed: Sven Galloway CEO of Galloway Pharmaceuticals 2nd place: pick 1 of the following: 1. 3 Ammo donated by Aegis Corp 2. 1x Special Med Tech (Iodine) donated by Galloway Pharmaceuticals 3. 1x Special Food (Beans) 3rd Place: pick 1 of the following: 1. A pat on the head 2. A pat on the back Signed: Sven Galloway CEO of Galloway Pharmaceuticals