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  • Thank you all for joining us at “Eyes on the Prize” We're looking forward to our next event on August 30 - September 02 Long weekend. By player request this event will be a regular event running until the Sunday but we will end later at 6pm you are welcome to socialize out of character after this point and everyone must be off site by 2pm on the Monday. We'd love your feedback; Please tell us what you liked, what you would prefer to see more of, what you'd like to see less of and everything in between. If you would prefer to send private feedback, please send an email to comments@exoduslarp.ca If you have rule questions, hop on over to the Rules forum. If you have rule changes/suggestions, please shoot an email to rulebook@exoduslarp.ca <3 from the ELS team and RoH storytellers
  • (For those who have access to radios, or who listened to the broadcast at game. Crossed fingers and if our scrappers remain alive we should expect more this month) https://www.dropbox.com/s/bkhlvl35v491kww/Intro%20to%20our%20scrappers.mp3?dl=0
  • I’ve been made aware that you might be on the lookout for a fully charged power cell to keep some filter thingy working. Now if this be true, then I have come into possession of such a cell and would be will to part with it for a price. If‘n Your interested you can come find me and we can work out a deal